Amazon Wishlist

We are hoping very soon to re-start our craft group. However we want to be extra cautious due to the vulnerability of some of our clients. Initially we want to offer crafts that people can do individually so that they don’t have to share things so that we can minimise any risk of transmitting any possible infections.

I have created an Amazon wish list with items on that our clients can enjoy individually. If anybody would like to buy something from the list to donate we would be most grateful.

You simply click the link below, choose the item you want to buy, pay for it and Amazon will send it to us. You need to select the ‘Gift Registry Address’. (The address provided to Amazon is not the Centre address because of delivery issues but rest assured all items will be passed on to the charity)

Also don’t forget to sign up to Amazon Smile and choose us your charity to donate even more money to us at no extra cost to yourselves.

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