Meet the team

  • Paula Da-Silva – Centre Manager

  • I started volunteering for the charity in October 2013 when I got made redundant from my job and wanted to fill my time productively.  My background is predominantly in administration so I offered my help whilst looking for a new job …. and never left! I lost my brother in law to leukaemia after a

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  • Joe Lycett – Charity Ambassador

  • We all know too well the damage and heartache cancer causes, but also how scary and lonely it is for those who have been diagnosed. The Tamworth Wellbeing & Cancer Support Centre is essentially a big box of angels who provide a ton of different support, advice and compassionate care. I’ve visited the centre and

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  • Stuart McIntosh – Chairperson & Trustee

  • Stuart McIntosh is a commercial law solicitor of more than 15 years’ experience. Formerly a police officer, Stuart now heads up the law firm, Four Oaks Legal Services. A few years ago, Stuart worked from offices adjoining the accountancy firm, Brookes Stephens Chartered Accountants, in Lichfield. Brookes Stephens were (and remain) the accountants to the

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  • Adrian Bell – Trustee

  • Having being diagnosed with cancer in 2015 I soon realised what a scary, lonely place that can be. I turned up at the centre and was not only given genuine support and care from the the staff and volunteers but also  practical help from people who have been there and done it. There is always

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  • Ben Shears – Trustee

  • Having only joined the team in 2020 I am one of the newer members of this great organisation. I wanted to get involved after seeing the great work the charity does for people in need of support . I have watched as both of my parents have undergone treatment for multiple cancers for many years

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  • Cathy Tibbles – Trustee

  • I have been involved in this amazing charity from the very beginning, before we even had a ‘Centre’.  I volunteer in personal tribute to a marvellous friend who was inspirational to me 20 years ago during her illness. I know how important it is to have a place to turn to – somewhere with a

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  • David Palmer – Trustee

  • I am an insurance broker specialising in charities.  I visited the centre in an official capacity and was so impressed I wanted to get involved.  It is the kind of place you come into and never want to leave. Having had experiences within the family of  cancer I understand the difficulties and enjoy being a part

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  • Julia Fallon – Trustee

  • My involvement with the charity began in 2011 when I was a client and received much needed support after my diagnosis with breast cancer.  Upon recovery I then became a volunteer to help others in a similar situation to myself.  I became a Trustee in 2014 when we moved to the new Stonydelph building to

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  • Christine Harris – P.R. & Fundraising Co-ordinator

  • My name is Christine and have been involved with the Centre just prior to it moving to its present venue. I supported fundraising, facilitated free training for the volunteers and did what I could to help in any way. Then one day I had to walk into the centre and announce I had just received

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  • Abbie Jenkins – Volunteer

  • I am a psychology student hoping to work in mental health. I volunteer at TWCSC because it is  great to give back to the community and it helps me gain some experience and more confidence in talking to people in difficult circumstances.  

  • Becky Easen – Volunteer

  • I am a qualified nurse and actor.  I became aware of TWCSC through my good friend, Centre Manager Paula. I became a volunteer because it made me happy to think I could help make a difference, but the centre has given me so much more back. I have made wonderful friends and love the time

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  • Caitlin Donoghue – Volunteer

  • I am a student currently studying health and social care. I started volunteering at the centre to gain some work experience. I was really impressed with the friendly support the centre provides and I love being a volunteer here.

  • Cathy Ward – Volunteer

  • I chose to volunteer at the centre because I was looking for something worthwhile to do with my time for a few hours each week. It is a wonderfully warm and friendly place to be and it is great to be a part of something that supports families within the community at the toughest of

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  • Debbie Hoskins – Volunteer

  • I volunteer at the centre as I really wanted to give something back. As soon as you step through the door you know you’re in a place full of warmth and support. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2019, one year after my youngest sister was diagnosed and successfully treated. I was lucky

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  • Diane Watkins – Volunteer

  • My name is Diane. Wife, Mom to two boys, proud Nan to three wonderful grandchildren. I am healthy and active, lot to be thankful for. I felt that I wanted to give a few hours a week to volunteering . The Tamworth Wellbeing and Cancer Support Centre has given me in return for my few hours

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  • Hayley Smith – Foot Health Practitioner

  • I am a mum to triplet girls and I qualified as a Foot Health Practitioner in June 2015, but did not start my own business until January 2016. I approached the Centre to volunteer to gain experience and confidence. Both my mum, uncle and mother-in-law have died from Cancer within the last 8 years so

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  • Helena Pickin – Holistic Therapist

  • As well as working as a clinical pharmacist for the NHS, I run my own well-being therapy business providing coaching, reiki and clinical hypnotherapy. Sadly, I recently lost my mum to bowel cancer. Knowing how much the reiki helped her, TWCSC is the perfect place for me to give something back and share my skills

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  • Janet Marsh – Volunteer

  • I was aware of TWCSC long before I became a volunteer because I had attended a few of their fundraising events;  it was very apparent that the manager, trustees and volunteers are all passionate about the service they provide and will go the extra mile to help those who need it. I was also struck

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  • Jeanette Taylor – Volunteer

  • I first heard about the charity through my daughter Abbie when she started volunteering. I attended a few events and found out what wonderful work they really do. I wanted to get involved and knew it would be a valuable use of my time. I love volunteering here and meeting all the lovely clients.

  • Jo Johnston – Holistic Therapist

  • I have been a beautician and nail technician for over 25 years, adding on to this my training of massage and holistic therapies in the past 10 years. The Tamworth Wellbeing & Cancer Support Centre is a great place to share my skills to help others.  

  • Jo Woodley – Volunteer

  • I have known about TWCSC since my best friend and centre manager Paula started with the charity.   I have always helped her with events that I have attended and really enjoyed doing so and finally Paula suggested I become a volunteer. It’s an amazing centre that deserves all the recognition it can get and I’m

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  • Louise Vernon – Fundraising Volunteer

  • 7 years ago at the age of 35 a scared women walked into the cancer centre looking for help after a breast cancer diagnosis, fearful of what the future held for her.  After 9 months of treatment, with many up and downs along the way, I finished treatment, but not my association with the centre. 

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  • Mal Middleton – Volunteer

  • I started volunteering in 2014 because my daughter Paula is the Centre Manager and I wanted to support her.  Her Dad and I are very proud of what she has achieved.  Also,  I am a breast cancer survivor and wanted to give something back.  There wasn’t anywhere to go for support when I was diagnosed

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  • Margaret Eaton – Volunteer

  • In 2019 I went along to the Centre with my husband, following his terminal diagnosis, to find out what support they could offer us. We were greeted immediately by a lovely volunteer and taken to Paula. She was so warm, friendly and compassionate, putting us at ease immediately. We learned how the Centre could help

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  • Paul Da-Silva – Volunteer

  • I became a volunteer to help  because the Centre Manager is my wife and I can see how passionate she is about the charity so I want to support her however I can. I mainly help with I.T. issues, designing promotional materials and also helping out at fundraising events.  I love being a part of

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  • Rebecca James – Headwear Stylist

  • I have been a hairdresser for over 30 years and get a lot out of making people feel good about themselves. I have been a volunteer at TWCSC since 2013 helping people to choose wigs, cutting and styling the wigs, helping with headscarves and shaving people’s hair during chemotherapy.  I chose to become a volunteer

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  • Sally Beard – Volunteer

  • My name is Sally, I am a wife, Mom of 4 grown up children and Nan to 8 grandchildren. I wanted to volunteer as I have a few spare hours a week and wanted to do something worthwhile in my local community. I knew of TWCSC as my daughter was a volunteer therapist here for

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  • Sally Hancox – Volunteer

  • I found out about TWCSC during lockdown whilst searching for places to volunteer. I was looking and applying for work but felt I could still volunteer some time. Most people know someone who has been affected by cancer in some way so I hoped I could help in some small way. I approached Paula in

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  • Sue Smith – Volunteer

  • In 2019 I first visited the Centre as a Client after being diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. I was anxious and unclear about so many things and at that point I wasn’t sure what the Centre had to offer.  Three years on it has been a great source of support, friendship and fun so I spoke

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  • Tom Fallon – Volunteer

  • My wife Julia was originally a client at TWCSC, then became a volunteer and she is now a Trustee. I retired from work in 2021 and wanted to volunteer to give something back to the place that helped us, as a family, at one of the hardest times we have had to endure. It is

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  • Val Pipe – Volunteer

  • After my retirement I wanted to do something with my time but I wasn’t sure what.  I then attended a charity event with my sister and stumbled across the Tamworth Wellbeing & Cancer Support Centre.  Coincidentally I used to work with Paula so it was easy to approach her and offer my time as a

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