Sponsored Canoe Event

Martin Stone and Matthew Gould are back again with their sponsored canoe event!

11951265_10205076465531851_122755244731728106_nLast year they participated in a canoe event to raise money for The Tamworth Wellbeing & Cancer Support Centre.  It was all very new to them and didn’t go totally to plan, however this year they have learned from past experience and want to do it bigger and better than before!

They will be dropped off in Hemel Hempstead, North of London on 8th September and will travel back to Tamworth via the Grand Union Canal by canoe.  This journey should hopefully take them 5 nights and 4 days to complete.

Their families have all been affected by cancer and chronic illness in some way so they wanted to do something to help local people who are suffering.

You can help to support them by sponsoring them here