We are now open!

Finally, I have some good news to share.  After over one year of closure, we are now able to re-open the Tamworth Wellbeing and Cancer Support Centre on Tuesday 27th April.

We plan on doing things very gradually so that we can ensure that we are all happy and comfortable that all the new procedures we have had to implement are working in order to keep everybody safe and secure.

We are unable to continue in the way that we always used to, but our aim is to make the best out of the situation, and as long as we can get our doors back open again and our clients back in, that is the most important thing of all.

We pride ourselves on being a drop-in Centre with no appointment necessary however unfortunately due to the current situation we find ourselves in, for the time being at least, we can only allow people into the building via appointment.  This is because we now have a limited number of people allowed in the building, so we need to make it as fair as possible and make sure people are able to take their turn.  Therefore, existing clients will be contacted in due course to book their slots.  Any new clients can still call 01827 899590 or 07368 265984 to have a chat and book an appointment to come and see us.

Initially we cannot run services such as the craft group, holistic therapies, nail, or foot treatments but they will be gradually re-introduced as and when we are able to.

The Trustees and I have worked extremely hard and had many long discussions about new procedures and clearly the clients’ and volunteers’ health and safety is paramount. 

Initially we will be opening twice a week and then when we are happy and comfortable that all is running as it should we will then increase it to three days, until eventually we reach the four days that we were open before.

Obviously, we ask that anybody with Covid-19 symptoms, or symptoms of any other contagious illnesses, do not come to the Centre.  Temperatures will be taken at the door and people will be asked to sign in/out of the building as a track and trace measure, as well as for our usual fire regulations.  We also ask that people wear masks or visors upon entering or moving around the building until they are seated, then they can remove them.  There will be hand sanitisers available around the building and we ask that these are used appropriately. We also have a one-way system in place, so we ask that people adhere to the new procedures.

BELFOR have yet again jumped to our aid and have industrially cleaned the building from top to bottom for us and got rid of a year’s worth of dust and cobwebs. I would personally like to thank Paul Anderson, Jo Woodley, James Kinsey and Kallum Young for their generosity and hard work.

We are so excited to get things up and running again.  We know it is going to be different and people will need to get used to the new way of doing things but as long as we are together again that is the main objective.  I have spoken to our Ambassador Joe Lycett this week and he is also extremely excited for us.  He knows how difficult this past year has been for us, so he is fully behind us and is looking forward to being able to come and pay us another visit when he can.  He sends his best wishes to all our clients, volunteers, and supporters.

It is a very exciting time!  Clients and volunteers, I cannot wait to see you all!